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Fethiye-Marmaris-Fethiye Tour 2023!

Fethiye-Marmaris-Fethiye Tour 2023!



Every saturday-sunday!   01.05.2023/31.05.2023


Day 1:

After 17 pm, meeting at our Fethiye office and boarding the yacht after the formalities are completed. Meeting with the staff and other passengers, dinner and overnight at Fethiye marina (1st night).

Day 2:

After breakfast, after taking the exit from the port authority, we will depart from Fethiye port. We will go to Yassıcalar for lunch and swimming. We will go to Ağa port for a swimming break, 5 o’clock tea, dinner and overnight stay (2nd night).

Day 3:

After a long journey of 3-4 hours by anchoring before sunrise, we arrive at Ekincik Bay. After breakfast, they pay the price themselves and join the Caonus – Dalyan and Mud Bath tour in the labyrinthine Dalyan stream, which can be reached by the small boats there. Passengers staying on board can swim, catch fish or take a trip to the land (3rd night).

Day 4:

After breakfast, after a 2-hour journey, we will arrive around Marmaris. Lunch and swimming break will be given in Kadırga bay. After 5 tea and swimming break in Kumlubuk, we will go to Cennet Island for dinner and overnight stay (4th night).

Day 5:

After breakfast, we will enter Marmaris harbor. In addition, our passengers who take a one-way 4-day tour from Fethiye to Marmaris disembark from the yacht here, while other passengers are free until 15 in the afternoon. There is no lunch during this time. They can stroll and shop in Marmaris. Again, our passengers who will go one way from Marmaris to Fethiye get on the yacht from here until 15 o’clock. In the meantime, the missing provisions and supplies of the yacht are completed. And after all the procedures are completed, we leave Marmaris marina and arrive at Ekincik Bay. Swimming break, dinner and overnight stay are done in Ekincik (5th night).

Day 6:

Before the sun rises early in the morning, we will take anchor from Ekincik and arrive at Domuz Island in the 12 islands region of Göcek. After breakfast and swimming break, we will go to the Cleopatra bath bay. Here, after lunch, sightseeing and swimming break, we will go to the famous painter Bedri Rahmi bay. 5 Tea, swimming break and dinner are given here

Day 7:

After breakfast, we will go to Göcek island. After a swimming break and lunch, we will go to Turunc or Tarzan bay. 5 Tea, Dinner and Overnight (7th Night).

Day 8:

After breakfast, we will go to Samanlık Bay. After a swimming break, the port of Fethiye is entered at noon and the tour is completed by having lunch at the port.



Full Pension Accommodation; (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Cake, Biscuit and Snack Service, Dinner)
• Port Charges and Exit Operations
• Ship’s agency expenses for the Sailing Document and necessary transactions.
• Mooring Fees
• Crew service
• Potable Wate
r• Diesel and Gasoline costs
• Supply of clean bed linen and bath towels (Sea towels are not provided)
• Free use of equipment on the yacht: (Mask, Flippers, Snorkel, Fishing Tackles, etc…)
• Book opportunity for guests who want to read a book during the tour.
• Yacht insurance
• Sunbathing mats sufficient for all our guests
• Cell Phone Charging Possibility (220v in Boats with 12 and 24Volt Generators)


Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Entrance fees to museums and ruins
Travel Insurance (Individual)
Gratuities to be given to boat personnel
Extra Trips on Land and Sea (Water Sports, Paragliding, etc.)





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